Welcome to Enlades

Hello and welcome to Enlades! This blog has been set up to chart the developments, and challenges, for two Second Life ex-residents moving onto creating their own environment using OpenSimulator.

To give a small potted biography: both of us first ventured into the virtual world of Linden Labs’ Second Life at around the same time in October 2007. After just shy of three years we both decided that it was time to move on. Having read about various other grids and communities based on OpenSim software we decided to start out making our own regions and to develop our own, personal, virtual world.

Although it is not unusual for people to move between different virtual worlds one of the reasons we decided to share our progress is that specific information aimed at people with a non-technical background, who wish to start using OpenSim, can be difficult to find, at times frustratingly so.

What we aim to do here at Enlades is describe our experiences, provide some written tips or tutorials, as well as give links to other people’s websites and blogs, to help those who are thinking about moving from their usual grid and for those who are just starting out in creating their own place.

Whilst these entries won’t be definitive answers on the right way to do everything; we both hope that by sharing what we have learnt other people will find that they can also learn and enjoy what the possibilities are. For tips and tutorials we will be indicating whether it requires basic, intermediate or advanced skills, also what sort of equipment and resources you may need.

I’m Belochka Shostakovich and I’ll be writing about texturing, resources, building and other bits and pieces. My fellow writer is Thom Lunasea and he’ll be writing about the more technical aspects of setting up OpenSim software, finding hosting for your worlds and other, related, software and technical matters.

In my first post I will be writing about what OpenSimulator is and what can be some of the initial things to think about.


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