Winter update

Hello. As it has been over two months since any new posts appeared on the Enlades blog I thought it was overdue to give a small update. We are still here!

Our apologies to those who have been waiting or looking for further information on avatar skin tutorials, content creation and OpenSim matters. Unfortunately, due to work schedules, ill-health and other occurrences neither myself or Thom Lunasea have been able to give the proper time needed (or even visit our own sim regularly) to be able to write and share any developments.

However, with Christmas and New Year holidays coming up, we’re both aiming to get back to a regular posting schedule going into 2011. Thom is currently working on a post for using MySQL with OpenSim and I am writing what, I’m hoping, will be the first video tutorial on how to use some of the basic, built-in, options for customising Eloh Eliot’s Starlight skin psd files.

I’d like to thank all the visitors to Enlades during November and December for checking out these pages and do drop by again to see what we have in store!

Our best wishes,

Belochka Shostakovich and Thom Lunasea


2 comments on “Winter update

  1. Waves back! Hiya Mermet! I hope you’re getting all your links restored okay, you’ve just reminded me I need to add you to the blogroll. 🙂

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