Seasons Greetings

Just a quickity post, on behalf of Thom Lunasea and myself, to wish readers a very happy and peaceful Christmas, if you should be celebrating this winter festival.

At this time of year it’s quite traditional to give thank you’s and good wishes to people. So first and foremost; thank you to every visitor to this site. Whether you come from an OpenSim grid or self-created regions, Second Life, Inworldz, etc., we both really appreciate you taking the time to read our posts and we hope that they’ve been helpful in giving some ideas or resources to look at (or create yourself!).

On a personal note, I’d like to thank my friends and acquaintances from Second Life who helped me on the way to learning far more than I thought I could.

Some of the biggest thank you’s go to people I don’t know and have never met: Natalia Zelmanov, Eloh Eliot, Nicola Escher, Sezmra Svarog, Seshat Czeret, all of whom, in their own ways, make it possible for people to learn how to design and create things for virtual worlds. Without their work we’d all be worse off.

Finally to Jacek Antonelli, McCabe Maxsted, and all involved with the Imprudence team, who work their behinds off to make an amazingly useful and stable viewer, whilst balancing other projects.

So, to all of you we raise our glasses of Christmas cheer and wish you a wonderful Christmas and very best wishes for 2011.

Belochka Shostakovich and Thom Lunasea.


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