Hello from Enlades

Time flies! It has been nine months since any new posts on Enlades, but, myself and Thom Lunasea do keep an eye on the blog. We’ve been very glad to see that people are still visiting (now over 10,000 views!). We hope that our articles and links have helped people in learning to make their own, virtual world, creations.

On that note; for 2012 we have talked about making a concerted effort to add new material to Enlades – as well as give it a theme refresh. Whilst our activities in Second Life and OpenSim have been much less (due to other commitments); there are still areas of content creation and virtual world experiences that we would like to write about.

Two ideas we’re currently planning are:

A look at virtual world viewers, with a particular overview of what is available for Mac users. With many new viewers coming to prominence, and others retiring, it is a difficult area to look into as no “one size fits all” solution is available. I’ll be looking at Linden Labs’ official viewer as well as ones some of the main (or up and coming) Third Party Viewers.

A long overdue topic is an introduction to using the free avatar skin templates made by Eloh Eliot. I’d intended to cover this two years ago but, unfortunately, it dropped off the schedule. Before that gets underway; I think that it’s necessary to state that the tutorials will be for beginners who want to learn the basics, rather than a set of instructions on how to become a commercial skin designer, and will be focusing on simple customisation.

So, we’ll be back again and we hope that all our readers have had a good start to 2012!

See you next time.


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