Virtual World viewers: Part 7 – Other third-party viewers

Originally, I’d planned on doing one further review. Unfortunately I was not able to do that but I’m including information on three other viewers I haven’t tested.


Dolphin viewer homepage

The Dolphin viewer is listed in Second Life’s Third-Party Viewer Directory. To quote directly from that page; Dolphin’s functionality is described as “a viewer for virtual worlds, based on the official Linden Lab source code, that contains fixes and enhancements for builders, explorers, sailors and other vehicle enthusiasts.”

It does have a Mac viewer version available for download. However, Lance Corrimal (the viewer’s developer) does make it clear on the Dolphin downloads page that he is unable to test the Mac version. This does mean that functionality is not certain and support is unavailable from the developer.

Dolphin viewer homepage


Singularity viewer homepage

Singularity is another viewer that is listed in Second Life’s Viewer Directory. I had intended to review a Mac version, but unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no current download available. An earlier version is available but is in a list for obscure and obsolete releases, so I assume that it would not perform well or would lack up-to-date functionality.

The website does state that a viewer suitable for OS X 10.5 will become available when circumstances allow but the News section has not been updated since October 2011, which makes it difficult to predict when this might be released. There is a Contact section on the website should anyone interested in the viewer want to get in touch with the developer.

Singularity viewer homepage

Cool VL

Cool VL viewer homepage

With thanks to Henri Beauchamp for his comment below; the Cool VL viewer does have Mac OS X viewers in uncompiled form. The link he has kindly included is for a Drop Box download of the latest Mac viewer version in compiled format, as made available by gurucoyote on the user forum. For further reading on Cool VL please visit Henri Beauchamp’s site:

Cool VL viewer

Other viewers

What about other viewers? Well, there are others available such as Catznip, Niran’s, RLV, etc. With the exception of RLV; these don’t currently have Mac versions available, to the best of my knowledge. I have not reviewed the Restrained Love viewer as its core functionality is intended for people interested in BDSM. As this is not one of my spheres of interest in virtual worlds I’m unable to offer a knowledgeable review commentary.

Viewer developments and improvements constantly evolve, some developers will retire and some go in different directions over time. There is always the possibility of further Mac specific viewers becoming available, so I hope that what I’ve written over the series will be a help to give a general indication of what works for Mac users.

5 comments on “Virtual World viewers: Part 7 – Other third-party viewers

    • Thank you for the comment, Henri. I’ve updated my post to include that info and a link to your site for anyone interested in reading further about Cool VL. Apologies for missing that when I visited your site earlier!

    • Hi Bevan, thanks for the comment.

      For now, like many other people, I’m waiting to see what effect this change in policy will have on third-party developers approach to Second Life clients. For functionality that is changing in the short term; I think that most developers’ websites will give a fuller description than I can achieve. I’d advise any interested users to read those first.

      Once the picture is a little clearer; I do intend to update on what changes TPVs have implemented. In my view, for developers who are, or become, interested in OpenSim and other virtual environments this could become an improved route to innovation.

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