Making prim hair – Part 1

In this post I’ll be giving some links to tutorials on how to create your own prim hair.

Prim Hair

First to mention is this tutorial on Creating Prim Hair written by Natalia Zelmanov (the owner and designer of Sirena Hair in Second Life)

This tutorial is not the sole method to create prim hairstyles but it does offer a clear, step-by-step process in four parts, which is very useful for a beginner. After many searches on this subject; these tutorials from 2007 remain as, possibly, the only complete resource that has been written about making prim hair which is still available online.

Due to the time these tutorials were written at they do not feature the use of sculpted prim parts. Also, the tutorial uses a script to create multiple, aligned, hair prims. This is called LoopRez 0.6, a free and full perms script.

LoopRez 0.6 is available in a L$0 pack, placed in a tutorial section, at the Sirena Hair sim. If you are a current Second Life resident you can visit to pick up your copy. The pack also includes notecard help and sample hairs to work with.

For Open Sim users and others who’d like to cut and paste the script: the LoopRez script (modified to include a root prim by Lum Pfohl) is available at this SL wiki page.

Some personal notes on using this tutorial.

It took me several goes to get into manipulating hair prims, especially the re-sizing steps in Part 2 of the series. This was because I wasn’t taking my head shape into consideration. If your avatar’s head shape is irregular, larger or smaller than the average 50 head size in the Appearance slider window, than you will need to compensate for that in your editing. Alternatively you can edit your shape, but, I prefer to work with prims rather than the Appearance sliders.

This is a picture I took after about twenty minutes of editing from the basic aligned prim shape. My test hair needs a lot of work but, with thanks to Natalia Zelmanov, you can learn the basics to start on making your own hair from scratch.

Prim hair editing from Natalia Zelmanov's tutorials

Prim hair editing from Natalia Zelmanov's tutorial series

Also to note: for the above tutorial it is recommended to edit your hair on your avatar, using a pose stand, but if you don’t find this method useful try rezzing it on the ground (once all the prims are linked!). Some hair designers and people with experience in editing prefer to have better camera panning of the interior and exterior of the hair. You will need to finish editing it on your avatar for the best possible fit.

In searching for more information on prim hair creation I came across this archived forum post, 10 steps to making prim hair. This is dated from 2007 so, again, doesn’t feature sculpted prims.

A drawback to this post is that the hair images which were linked from Arikinui Adrea’s website are no longer displayed. I have not tried making hair from the guide myself but I include it here as other people might find it useful.

Making Hair Textures

When it comes to creating your own hair textures there are a few tutorials. These are easy to find by a search but some dead links do show up listed on people’s blogs. Here are a few active ones that use Photoshop:

Creating seamless hair textures in Photoshop by Hazel Kyrgyz

Hair texture tutorial by twiddler2

How to create a hair texture in Photoshop – Second Life wiki

I hope all the links and tutorials will be of help to beginners and budding hair designers. Have fun!